Last to Leave Square Wins 1,000$

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Last to leave Red Square In Minecraft Wins 1,000$

In this video,
I Put 100 Best Minecraft Players in Red Square and Last to Leave the Square wins 2000Rupees !!
100 Players play some hard games like Squid Game ,Maze ,PvP ,Hide&seek ,Man vs Mob,etc.....
Also to make this challenge more funny and intresting I put my Youtuber Friends in this crazy challenge !!!
My Youtuber friends who played these amazing challenges -
@PSD1 @STEEL-WING @AdiSpot @Mc_flame @Mr.Lapis_@HarshBhaiii

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Special Thanks to FireMC for making this event become successful !!
Go join firemc now !!
IP -
Port- 19132

Watch the Winner's (StrikerQT) Youtube Video -
Watch Harsh Bhai's Video-

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